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The same kind, patient, and caring Well With Cannabis Community that you already know and love BUT BETTER – without censorship, algorithms, spammers, bots, or trolls. Join today for unlimited access at the founding member’s one-time payment of just $5.



The original Well With Cannabis Community by Emily Kyle was a private Facebook group that quickly grew to nearly 27,000 people. Unfortunately, FB threatened to shut down the group for multiple violations – despite setting rules and enforcing them. 

The fact is, traditional social media is NOT a safe place for cannabis consumers like us, regardless of legality. They will continue to censor us and eventually shut down the group altogether. That is why I am moving our beloved community to a safer space.

This new community is OWNED by Emily Kyle Nutrition, meaning we will be free to naturally share the love for our beautiful plant without fear of censorship or of being taken down.

While our original community was free to join, this new community requires you to purchase a membership for a founding member’s price of just $5.

Why a paid membership, you ask? Many reasons, actually!

  • First and foremost, I value quality over quantity. I only want people here who really want to be here. This will create the best group experience possible for everyone.
  • This is the first line of defense to keep out the trolls, spammers, robots, and other internet trash.
  • This gated model helps to ensure your privacy. You can even remain anonymous if desired. 
  • Our original group moderator, Renee, will join us here in this new community, providing the same amazing support as before. 
  • I want to ensure you are getting the best help possible in a way that also values my time and expertise.

This new community forum is already so much better than the original FB platform for many different reasons. 

You can still ask questions, participate in the same amazing conversations and discussions, display your fun member creations, share pictures and recipes. But now we can now hold more open discussions on medical topics and other sensitive subjects.

Based on previous community feedback, this new forum also provides a better way for you to connect personally with the other members of the group, fostering meaningful connections and relationships among group members.

Plus, this forum has an amazing search function, bookmarking option, and private messaging function, making it easy to see the content you want to see and talk to the people you want to talk to. You can even turn on email alerts if you want them.

The new forum is built based on the same categories and topics as the original group and is just as organized – if not more organized and easy to follow. Once you log in, you will be amazed to see how easy it is to find the content you are looking for and ask for the help that you need.

Now, the only thing missing from this community is YOU!

Please purchase your membership today and help us rebuild the Well With Cannabis Community better than ever before!

*Please Note: If you have purchased anything from Emily Kyle’s shop before, you already have access to the community! Simply use the same username and login credentials for this website to access the community here. Want to save on the $5 membership fee? Purchase any product from this site and your membership is automatically included!

*Please Note: Due to the digital nature of this program, refunds are not offered.

What Members Say About The Community:

I consider your site my medical marijuana Bible.” – Community Member

I feel included, welcome and very much not alone in my cannabis health journey” – Community Member

I love how kind people are in the group, there’s so many groups and most have a lot of unkind individuals. Even if I didn’t use cannabis I’d be really happy to be in the group lol- it’s a plus that I use cannabis. There’s so much knowledge to find in the group. Any time I have a question I know what group to go to and what website Emily’s!”. – Community Member

“I know everyone is different but I truly enjoy being able to see others share their stories and what they do for results. It blows my mind. I feel like I’m in a large, very large, family and I love it“. – Community Member

“I love the honesty. I love all the facts and data and evidence. By the same token, I love the honesty about not being able to prove something unless a lab could produce data. No fluff, just sooooo many options and that’s why I’ve been visiting EKN as a source for all this time. Once I joined the online community I found a wonderful home.”. – Community Member

“I love the helpful attitude and lack of “snark” when someone asks a question. I like that bad behavior is not accepted in the group. Makes it so much nicer to ask questions and learn when the atmosphere is positive and helpful.” – Community Member

“Real and honest feedback from others is great, the amount of different ways/foods cannabis can be used in is still a little mind blowing. I am seriously enjoying this group.” – Community Member

“I like how a lot of the members are knowledgeable and how they tell their stories. It’s nice to know that you’re not alone in the health battles some may be having.” – Community Member

“Luv the zero tolerance of rudeness. Keeps the group in check, so many good people just trying to help each other 😁” – Community Member

“Good information from Emily and good support from the group. Love all the new ideas.” – Community Member

Your group is like gold. How do you put a price on sleep, free of pain, peace?” – Community Member

Complete support with NO judgement only 100% education with love.” – Community Member

It feels like family! I learn so many new things from the group’s members. I also like to learn about how other states’ MMJ programs work and how hard people work just to find their medicine and all the ways they stretch it out. There’s a whole lot to learn from others’ resourcefulness.” – Community Member

“I love the knowledge and friendliness. Other groups judge everyone and everything. This is the most helpful group I have ever seen or been in.” – Community Member


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