Plant-Based Juniors: First Bites

Plant-Based Juniors: First Bites​ is the definitive guide to Baby-Led Weaning for Plant-Based Babies. ​We know plant-based parents are interested in extending the known health benefits of their diets to their babes, but are hesitant to start their baby on a plant-based diet due to common misconceptions about meeting babies’ needs.

The book includes:
● a nutrition guide for your #plantbasedbaby
● 20 easy + delicious recipes for baby that can be easily adapted for the whole family!
● step-by-step instructions on baby-led weaning
● tips for meal prep
● a grocery list
● a BLW FAQ section
● an RD-approved products list



Here are some common questions and concerns we hear from parents:

  • How will I meet my baby’s iron needs without meat?
  • I want to raise my baby plant-based, but I’m concerned about them getting enough calories.
  • Is soy safe?

We had these same fears as new parents! That’s why we dug deep into the research and developed this guide to ease fears and provide a roadmap to success when starting solids.

First Bites will guide parents in guiding baby toward a happy, healthy relationship with food.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to starting solids and answer questions parents may have along the way – from the first bite and beyond.
First Bites includes:

· What is baby-led weaning (BLW)?
· Why did we choose BLW for our PBJs?
· How to start BLW
· How to incorporate key nutrients like iron into a plant-based diet using BLW
· 20 delicious, baby-led weaning recipes specifically for plant-based babes
· Grocery list
· Meal planning guide
· FAQs about BLW and PBJs


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